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UFO appears to fly directly into Mexico’s active Popocatepetl volcano (VIDEO)

There’s an interesting video making the rounds today. I see a couple of potential explanations (reversed video, a commercial airlines flying behind the volcano, etc.) but nothing definitive meaning, yeah, it’s a pretty interesting UFO shot.

The video was shot on May 30, 2013 at around 8:30 PM local time at Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano located about 40 miles south of Mexico City. It’s the latest in a series of UFO sightings that have taken place near the central Mexico active volcano since 2012 (MUFON has proposed explanations for the majority of the previous sightings). Most of the videos shot to date come from Mexico’s media company, Televisa, which monitors and films all daily activity around the volcano.

What is most interesting about this video is that the likelihood of a hoax is very small given the source of the video (Televisa media company). Hence, the real question is – “What is the object that appears to fly into the mouth of the active volcano?”

Note that the “video” is really a series of quick still shots taken from a low light camera that are shown in sequence. This is extremely important when analyzing the video. Although the object appears to be extremely fast, it is really moving about the speed of a conventional aircraft. A series of still shots could also eliminate the flashing of an aircraft’s wing strobes if all of the shots were captured at the exact moment the lights were in an “off” state (agree, not a very high probability).

Still, the video is intriguing and the object cannot be definitively identified as a commercial aircraft. Hence, we have a pretty good UFO video here that is going to remain unexplained for quite some time.


UFO enters mouth of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano – courtesy Televisa
Sources: Televisa, CNN
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